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Aquazona Exports as a leading importer of Aquarium and aquaculture equipments, food and medicine. We are government contractor/fabricators of public & private aquarium houses in India from last 30 years. The company is holding official membership: “Indo German Chamber of Commerce”, “Ornamental Fish International, Netherlands”, “Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. The company’s management system is certified with the standards of ISO 9001:2008.

We have been leading in designing & fabricating private & public aquariums in India focusing on highest quality, superior design on turn-key basis, and we are capable to supply and fabricate Acrylic or Glass ( annealed, tempered, laminated or toughened) in any shape & size for Window Aquarium, Tunnel Aquarium, Cylinder Aquarium, Wall Mounted Aquarium, Furniture Aquarium, Garden Ponds and Water Falls for Zoological gardens, Public Sector and Private sector with complete technical support of our global business partners and our own panel of experts.

Aquazona Exports

Leading Exporter & Importer of Aquarium Accessories, Government Contractor & Fabricators of Public Aquarium & Private Aquarium in India for more than 30Years.



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